EBS provides the premier application of payroll services to companies in California and across the nation.

As payroll outsourcing providers go, EBS holds the edge over even the large payroll processing companies. Our Millennium Payroll Software combines local control on your desktop with managed payroll services through one of the leading payroll processing services in the nation.

In addition, we integrate workers compensation insurance with your payroll processing, providing a pay-as-you-go solution that any other payroll company would envy: no more nasty surprises at the end of the year. We all know that California workers compensation rates have skyrocketed lately and your best defense is to stay ahead of the game.

Other payroll companies provide payroll services only, and at rates that we will typically beat by over 20%. If you have decided to join the leading companies that are outsourcing payroll to reduce costs and stay on top of administration practices, give our internet payroll solutions a half hour of your time for an on-line demo. You will never go back to providing your own payroll accounting services.

Payroll processing outsourcing pays big dividends if done properly, and when payroll administration is combined with workers compensation management, your payroll service becomes a strategic weapon for your business.

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